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1)  The Hardsdisk Mac Pages



1)  1972 Raleigh LTD-3 Bikes

2)  1985 Cannondale SR 300 Bikes

3)  1986 Ross Eurotour 10 Speed Bike

4)  1978 Ross Compact 10 Speed Bike

5)  1975-1976 Peugeot UO18C 10 Speed Bike

6)  1992 Trek Antelope 830 Mountain Bike

7)  Back on a Bicycle at 50

8)  Target's Schwinn SX-2000, Not an ATB

9)  Converting a Mountain Bike to a Commuter

10)  A Worn Out 1991 Giant Sedona MTB Becomes a Winter Bike

11)  Cycling the D&R Canal State Park Path

12)  The 2009 Farm Ride - Amherst, Mass

13)  1973-1974 Peugeot UO8 10 Speed Bike

14)  1985 Nashbar Toure MT 15 Speed Bike

15)  Bike the River Valley 2010 - Highland, NY

16)  1952 Raleigh Sports 10-speed Frankenbike

17)  1988 Raleigh Technium Pro

18)  Review: 2011 Vilano Forza 1.0 (on Hardy's Reviews)

19)  1981 Raleigh Reliant



1)  The Hardsdisk MYST Pages


Musical Instruments

1)  Hardy's Music



1)  The Story of Molly



1)  A Better Homemade HDTV Antenna

2)  Rocori High School Class of 1975 Archive

Rocori Class of 75 alumni may email me for instructions to navigate to the archive or to contribute materials for it. I may ask you an easy question to verify identity.



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